Nocturnal Animals...

With the release of their hit new EP ‘Dark Lit Places’, Atlanta alternative rock band Nocturnal Animals is getting national attention for their distinctive talent and high energy performances. Charismatic and engaging vocals reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys are making the genre big and relevant again…Rock ‘n Roll soul to prick your senses!

The band members are Mason Jones, Derrick Stephen, and Dawson Tucker, and here is what people are saying about Nocturnal Animals:

ALTERNATIVE NATION: “Nocturnal Animals ‘Dark Lit Places’ is a bombastic masterpiece that Green Day fans will love. Their energy, excitement and enthusiasm pours out of every note they play.”

HUFFINGTON POST: “Nocturnal Animals combines potent alt indie/rock with bits and pieces of R&B and a dash of pop. It’s a smooth polished sound rife with layered dynamics and rewarding harmonics.”

TATTOO.COM: “Nocturnal Animals have added their emotions, encounters and erotic dreams into a musical blender for fusion of blues & rock ‘n roll. Nocturnal Animals is a band with massive potential and taking steps in the right direction.”

BLURRED CULTURE: “Smooth, crisp, jagged melodies mesh together over each track... it’s as if the group was assembled and mastered by the likes of Green Day and Panic! At The Disco to have such conviction blast through your speakers.”